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Hi, it’s Ray here! I’ve been with ʿⱦ for a dozen years, and there’s no place I’d rather be! With my experience, count on me to provide you information and advice when it comes to making the right choice for your post-secondary education.

Whether you’re fresh out of high school, an adult learner, or transitioning into a new career, I can help. I also work with athletic recruits, so if you’re into sports and considering playing for one of our Cougar teams, feel free to ask, and I’ll connect you with our coaches.

During my time at the College, I’ve had the opportunity to visit high schools and learning centres throughout Ontario talking to students and teachers. It can be a grind to be in hotel rooms and rental cars for weeks at a time, but what a great way to see this great province and meet new people, while promoting ʿⱦ and our city of ʿⱦ Ste. Marie. The medium rare steaks at the Keg aren’t so bad either!

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My Favourites

Western sandwich
Chartwells Cafeteria
Visits to our Chartwells cafeteria with my co-workers for my favourite breakfast, the Western sandwich, or a quesadilla for lunch at Odeno, our student-run restaurant.
President giving diploma to our graduates
Graduation Ceremonies
Seeing students I’ve recruited cross the stage at graduation, no longer green and worried – but confident and ready to tackle the world.
Exterior shot of the Health and Wellness Centre
Campus Tours
It's always great to meet eager potential students and their families while showcasing our amazing campus. In the meantime, check out our virtual tours here.
ʿⱦ hockey player skating down the ice
Cougars Hockey
ʿⱦ Cougars made history as the first Canadian team to win the American Collegiate Hockey Association National Championship.

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